Brady Ellison

Toja Ellison

1 Year Experience

Meet Toja Ellison, a world class compound archer

I am Toja Ellison (Cerne) and I was born on the 4th of July in 1993 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have always loved sports even from an early age. I have trained in gymnastics, badminton, and dance as a child but something would happen to me in my younger years which would change the course of my life forever. At 12 years old I became really ill and for several weeks was confined to the hospital with a spinal infection.  While I was lucky and didn’t have any residual back issues, I was forced to quit the one thing I loved: being a gymnast.

Sports runs in my blood and giving it up wasn’t an option. During this time I started playing badminton and it was then that I was introduced to archery by a friend.  At the young age of 13 I was hooked on archery and have been pursuing it ever since.  Fully supported by both friends and family, I have worked hard ever since to improve my form and my mental game.   In 2014, I met my husband, Brady Ellison and have adopted archery as my full time job.  Brady’s unconditional support has made me a better archer and person.  I’m lucky enough to be sponsored by some great companies.  I graduated in 2017 from the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana and through my life, as my love for archery continues to grow, I’ve come to realize that you can walk away from archery, but it can’t walk away from you.

Toja Ellison